OSM is a therapy to support and activate your primordial healing system, drawing from a range of techniques, cultural traditions and observations.

It may utilize tools such as intention, breath, sound, meditation, movement, chant and bodywork, aiming to guide, activate and support your own innate healing abilities.

By holding sacred space and facilitating a gentle, natural altered state where holistic healing can occur, working with the understanding of universal laws of energy; where universe and individual are created from the same material as proven now by modern science.
Attuning to cosmic energy like meditation, can harmonise our individual and source energy, releasing blocks, restrictions, unwanted patterns, so restoring proper function and balance to our perfect 'mind heart body' system.
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Loose or comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Layers are a good idea as everybody's experience of temperature is unique. If you have a yoga mat or similar by all means bring that. A blanket that you can make special for this work as it will be imbued with your healing experience making it into a personal medicine blanket.

You may bring a meaningful object such as a stone, crystal or picture that you feel has support or meaning for you and this can be included in your session. Eat lightly or if you can skip a meal before your session as this will enhance your altered state and awareness.


There are 6 stages:   Form & Intention, Consultation, Orientation, Practice, Grounding and Integration, session time is about 2 hours.


Fill out a form about your general health any particular issues you may wish to address, why you are here and write your intention for your healing.


Discuss issues, their essential essence and from this you'll be assisted to form a potent distilled intention. This provides you with a key in the form of a phrase or mantra, helping focus your own healing power and universal energies.


Begins with cleansing using smudging techniques by burning herbs such as sage, sweet grass or lavender. Some simple breathing and gentle movement to loosen up and relax the body. At this stage you are using your own sense and feeling to arrive at a comfortable posture and place in the room.


I will intuit and draw from a range of tools and techniques such as medicine song, drum, chant and hands on support according to what may be needed.


I will assist you back to a normal state of consciousness using grounding techniques to ensure you are firmly back in your feet, clear, steady and refreshed concluding with a short tea ceremony.


Your healing experience can be discussed now helping you gain insight. Practical benefits can be created for you, through new and unfolding awareness, supporting desired improvements and transformation in your daily life.

YOU are connecting with your original self, ancient and knowing, to become an active daily ally, guiding your choices thoughts and beliefs, as these are what create the experience of your reality.
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