We can all bloom...
I have worked in many areas usually with my hands across different industries learning from the ground as I went and training in the moment. I always felt like a creative artist, painting and making music when time allowed. I have taught enthusiastic adult pupils how to play saxophone using  unorthodox intuitive body and aural based methods in as little as six 1 hour lessons from scratch. This diversity and exploration of life experience and sometimes crushing realities have imbued me with a deep understanding of both the versatility and rigid character of peoples positions in their thinking, emotional and physical bodies.

I have studied in different ways during my life through music, meditation, walks, quests and reading, absorbing many teachings and perceptions written and presented by inspiring people from Caroline Myss, Ram Dass to Eckhart Tolle to name just a few. 

My passion for creativity, attention to detail, joy, exploration and expression has always sought to emerge through creative pursuit. From a very early age I have been drawn to working through music and art as vehicles of expression and deep connection. As music became more important I always had a strong desire for the music to heal or touch people in some way that would help them make sense of their lives. It became clear to me turning fifty that my journey has brought me to a long developing path for intuitive healing work. Those strong creative impulses with sound, music and creativity make sense to me now. Drawing on this understanding and life's trials and tribulations, insights and observations, my offering is to assist others to embrace their true nature that can be expressed in all they do in their lives as their unique divine signature.

Like our unique written signature I believe that we have a unique divine energetic signature that permeates who we are, in our human journey as part of a greater whole. Our invitation is to awaken and remember this knowing and proceed from a place of profound truth and express the unique beauty of who we are.
From a very early age I followed my own intuitive path, curiously and sometimes out of necessity recreating my occupations and directions. There has always been a strong sense of spirit in all my endeavours.

At eleven to fifteen I was in boarding school and learned deeply about myself and human behaviour. This experience provided many insights and intuitive skills that underpin my awareness of people and conditions.
It occurred to me that if we are all one and are individuations of divine creation, maybe we are not here trying to figure out what's out there, rather we are out there trying to figure what's here..
At the age of sixteen I discovered yoga through a book I picked up in a shop. I excitedly read it from cover to cover. It was full of wonder for me, crazy body positions and how yoga could open a way of understanding life so differently from a western perspective, it has stayed with me to this day. Movement, breath and stretching is always a supportive resource.
Having been married and separated by the age of 26 with four children under the age of 9, when everything seemed ludicrously out of control, yoga or at least my own version of yoga and space for spirit literally saved my sanity.
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