Music and sound therapies

I am creating and bringing through Immersive Medicine Journeys (IMJs). These journeys are constructed each with a unique theme and intention. Over the last couple of years I have journeyed and dreamt in special incantations that are using an unknown language or rather, sound syllables might be a better description. Each sound scape is constructed from the energy of each incantation, intuitively forming a truly immersive meditative journeying experience.

As such they are not songs however they can be musical, melodic and rhythmical in part. Sometimes simple and sometimes complex magical layers of sound combine to produce a unique healing modality that is not born of the mind and is for the emancipation of the Original Self

Initially I will host these on line with a view to making them available for purchase downloads, so you can top up up your experience and build a powerful accessible library of personal healing restorative tools available to you at any time.


These IMJs are produced and designed to be listened to through headphones preferably over ear style. Ear buds will suffice if that's all you have access to. Of coarse they may listened through a open speaker system and may be enjoyed this way as relaxing music for a subliminal healing.

To get the best from your experience I suggest finding a comfortable space lying down is best where you will not be disturbed for the duration which is around 30 to 40 minutes. Allowing 1 hour is preferable to give you time to set the space beforehand and ground yourself afterwards. 


I recommend setting a ceremonial space and intention. You can do this by smudging yourself and the space by burning some herbs like Sage or Palosanto or simple incense of your choice if that's easier and more familiar, making sure to extinguish these safely and or have a fireproof vessel to put them in. An essential oil burner or diffuser will also work very well.

Make a simple intention for your healing stating it aloud. If you wish invite and ask for your special helpers, spirit guides, power animals, angels or any thing you feel a safe affinity with to help you for the highest good under Grace and thank them when your finished when closing the space.

If you have a blanket to cover yourself that would be helpful to keep warm and enclosed. I suggest dedicating a blanket for this type of personal work so that this becomes your personal 'medicine' blanket with special purpose. Preferably you will have eaten and drank at least 1 hour prior to starting your journey.

A softly lit environment is good but not so to put you asleep. You may prefer to sit in a yoga type posture or a comfortable chair its entirely up to you and what's most supportive for your mobility and personal condition. You can explore and experiment with what works best for you. Have a note pad or journal close by to make any notes, observations or insights you wish to record.

Once you are ready set your volume to a comfortable level with headphones loud enough as not to be interfered with by outside sounds if possible.

When you are finished take a little time before you move, allow your eyes to adjust and your body to remember and ground yourself. Have a little stretch and a cup of tea, note anything down as you will be in a slightly altered and possibly sleepy state where ideas, inspiration and epiphanies can occur.

Be aware while these IMJs are gentle they can be powerful and transformative so take care to hydrate,
eat well and rest as your own healing journey may be ignited and or enhanced.

Enjoy your journey
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